Military and Government Training

In order for your force to execute effectively, every person and element must move and work together perfectly. eInstruction® by Turning Technologies creates a dynamic learning environment that promotes teamwork, in-depth class discussion and higher-level learning.

Engage Students.

eInstruction by Turning Technologies solutions deliver a hands-on, collaborative learning environment crucial to keeping students attention throughout training.  It allows for greater engagement, comprehension and implementation of the skills vital to their specialties.  All of our technology works together to give you the answers and capabilities needed to get your units ready for the field.

Create the Optimal Learning Environment.

Our Mobi™ mobile interactive whiteboard series of products gives you all the capabilities of a traditional interactive whiteboard, but adds the ability to maneuver around the classroom to keep students and trainees engaged.  Our market-leading Classroom Performance System™ (CPS™) is used by more than one million students and 12,000 instructors in the U.S. Military, including in Army Combat Training, Navy Nuclear Submarine Training and Air Force Medical Training.  Our technology gives you instant, actionable information on student understanding and progress so you can determine what students know, and where there needs to be more focus. This allows you to redirect curriculum objectives to suit your needs and the needs of your troops and trainees.  Mobi™ series of products and our CPS™ student response systems work together to give your instructors immediate feedback as to what students understand right as the content is being delivered.


Custom Content and Curriculum Design

Our instructional-design team can even work with you to develop content that aligns with each and every one of your learning objectives and criteria.  We can help you conceptualize your entire curriculum or create the most efficient and on-point content to fit your existing curriculum.

Become More Effective with Professional Development

With our professional development, you’ll receive the knowledge to implement the technology most effectively.  Our highly trained team will instruct you on how to use all of our technology and build your repertoire of teaching strategies for engaging, data-driven instruction.  We make sure all your needs are met and that you receive all the benefits eInstruction by Turning Technologies has to offer.

“For those commands experiencing the benefits of successfully incorporating CPS into effective and efficient training programs, the thought of going back to ‘the old way of training’ is unthinkable…By using the CPS, even new instructors have the ability to take quality RLO content (CPS questions), inject it at the most effective time during any ILT and invoke a response from 100% of the audience.”

- CAPT Harkins and LTC Brady—Trident Nuclear Submarine Training; Kings Bay, GA

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