Create a Meaningful Learning Experience

As a trainer, you understand the pressures of helping others grow professionally. No matter the subject, you need time-saving tools to create a learning experience that is meaningful to those you are teaching.

Foster an Interactive Learning Environment.

eInstruction® by Turning Technologies helps you create an interactive environment in any meeting or training room with our CPS™ student response systems and Mobi™ mobile interactive whiteboard series of products.  Increased interaction ensures participants are engaged in discussion and actively learning. 

With CPS, each participant has a wireless response clicker.  As trainers ask questions, participants’ answers are automatically gathered and recorded.  When you pair it with Mobi View™, the data is instantly displayed on the Mobi View touch screen.  This immediate, easy-to-understand data allows for on-the-fly customization of training sessions.



CPS and Mobi View are simple to learn, ensure 100% participation and integrate easily into any business setting.

  • PowerPoint Integration: CPS is the natural choice for trainers using PowerPoint.  Run your presentation as you normally would while asking questions and gathering instant response data. Plus, Mobi View allows you to present from anywhere in the room.
  • Games: Educational games keep participants in an active learning mode, making training more impactful.  CPS games combine the proven methods of collaborative learning and interactive response technology to maximize the transfer of learning.  With the Mobi View system, you can use up to 9 at a time for unmatched collaboration.
  • Data Slicing: With the data slicing feature, you’re able to view question data based on any category you create.  For instance, see how new employees who missed question 3 answered question 4.  The data is instant, the information is presented graphically and the applications are endless.
  • Ease of Implementation/Portability: Our technology is extremely portable.  CPS and Mobi View are easy to use right out of the box.  20 years of real-world testing and development have produced software that is painless to learn and rich in features.  Presenters can use their existing PowerPoint presentations and paper-based materials or ask questions on the fly.
  • Self-Evaluation: CPS gives you the ability to evaluate and prove the effectiveness of your training programs.  Adding Mobi View will allow you to evaluate at the moment of instruction as well.  Since CPS collects participant response data automatically, it's easy to compare pre- and post-training scores.  The reports are compiled automatically, easy to understand and delivered immediately on the Mobi View touch screen.
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