Classroom in a Box

Rapid Deployment Instructional System

Classroom in a Box is a self-contained portable education technology unit needed to implement mission-critical training in the field, including a Mobi™ mobile interactive whiteboard, a CPS™ student response system pack, microphones, and a portable projector.

By having all the technology together in one portable box you now have all the tools together to help you deliver immediate, engaging, and time-sensitive instruction. Mobi™ and CPS™ also give your instructors immediate feedback as to what students understand right as the content is being delivered, so they can correct any issues while they are training in the field, not when they are in the field.

Classroom in a Box allows for quick set up for immediate hands-on training right at the moment you need it. It also includes microphones and a sound system to make sure trainers are heard and understood at all times.

The technology comes in a portable pelican case for ultimate protection and durability despite the rigors of the field. It also weighs less than 50lbs, so air travel is no hassle.

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