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Improve Instruction Using Classroom Technology

Our one day professional development workshops are tailored to help make the most of the technology your educators and students use in the classroom. Whether the learning environment includes the iPad®, student response pads (clickers), notebook or ChromebookTM computers, laptops, smartphones, or other web-enabled devices, educators will learn to integrate content and technology with the Insight 360TM classroom instruction system .

Engage Students and Effectively Measure Student Progress

eInstruction® courses help educators identify the challenges of traditional questioning techniques and provide new ways to engage students in their learning experience. Educators consider the importance of instant feedback and data collection in relation to a technology-enabled teaching and learning environment. And they produce lesson plans and formative assessment questions to measure student progress effectively. Furthermore, participants will identify and measure academic progress using content aligned to Common Core State Standards and state standards.


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Designed to help schools leveraging 1:1 iPad deployments make the most of their technology. The functionality of the Insight 360 classroom instruction system coupled with the basics of iPad navigation will allow educators to take their current teaching methodologies to the next level. Attendees will participate in hands-on activities and work in cooperative learning groups to determine best practices for effective instructional design.

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Classroom Technology: Bringing Educators to the Digital Community

Created for schools that have BYOD/BYOT initiatives or provide students with web-enabled devices, this workshop helps educators understand how to manage a blended technology environment. Attendees will learn to use the Insight 360 classroom instruction system with their existing content and to implement effective teaching and learning methods. Participation in both hands-on activities and cooperative learning groups will be leveraged to brainstorm effective practices that bring educators into the digital community.

Formative Instruction: Using Classroom Assessment to Improve Learning

Developed to help educators learn the benefits of conducting formative assessment to make more informed instructional choices. By using a school’s existing content, technology, and teaching methods with the Insight 360 classroom instruction system, attendees will learn to identify key teachable moments and determine in real time when it is best to reteach a lesson, to differentiate instruction, or to move to the next concept. During individual work activities and through collaborative group sessions, educators will enhance their professional insight on instructional best practices.

*Minimum of five professional development packages must be purchased at once to receive on-site professional development. To receive promotional pricing, professional development must be purchased by December 31, 2013. All copyright, trademark, and intellectual properties associated with eInstruction® are reserved to eInstruction Corporation.  Apple and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.


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