Mobi Student-Centered Learning Pack™

    Get everyone to participate

    The Mobi Student-Centered Learning Pack™ includes 3 Mobi Learners and a docking station for just $599*. When implemented, you put Mobi™ Learners into students' hands and making it possible for multiple students to participate in lessons simultaneously. Only eInstruction® technology allows up to nine students at a time to interact with and contribute to the same lesson. This creates a powerful collaborative learning environment for lessons and activities, even without a fixed interactive whiteboard.

    *U.S. Education List Price in USD

    Encourage greater student collaboration

    Mobi™ Learners are also ideal for passing around the class so multiple students or small groups can provide direct input into a learning activity without having to leave their seats. Students can project responses to lessons onto any surface to help foster greater interaction and collaboration.

    Workspace™ award-winning software

    The eInstruction®Workspace™ software is included and allows teachers and students to annotate over lesson content. Students can participate in activities and display their work from anywhere in the room. It also accepts simultaneous input from up to nine users, allowing everyone in the class to participate, collaborate, and interact with each other.

    Federal Funding Options

    Put technology in your classroom without worrying about budget constraints. eInstruction® technology is eligible for many federal grants to make it easier for you to get the tools you need.

    Download grant templates to make the application process easier.

    Mobi™ Dock

    The Mobi™ Dock comes with your Mobi Student-Centered Learning Pack™. It enables you to charge and store up to three Mobi™ tablets simultaneously. It features a locking mechanism to secure the tablets in the Dock, and can be wall mounted or secured to any table. An international power supply is included.

    Mobility and Collaboration

    • Mobility within and between classrooms.
    • Multi-user functionality with up to 9 users in shared or sandbox mode.
    • Students can display work at the front of the room right from their seats.
    • Students work together in multiple groups for unprecedented collaboration.
    • Workspace™ Softkeys provide easy access to annotation tools.
    Multi-User Mode

    Students working together

    The Mobi Student-Centered Learning Pack™ plays a primary role in creating a student-centered learning environment. It includes 3 Mobi™ Learners and a docking station, and allows students to collaborate and learn from other students. Only eInstruction can help you create a classroom where students work together like this.

    Students can use up to 9 Mobi™ Learners at a time for increased participation, and to help drive better understanding and achievement. The Mobi™ Learners make it possible for multiple students or groups to simultaneously or one at a time provide direct input into a learning activity without having to leave their seats. Mobi™ Learners are ideal for the entire class.

    Mobility and Collaboration

    Combine Workspace™ software with Mobi™ Learners to maximize the multi-user capability. Now multiple students or groups can collaborate with each other, interact with material, and contribute to lessons. Each student or group can then display their work to the class one at a time or simultaneously so the entire class can see their work.

    Students can also display their work in "sandbox" mode. This allows multiple students to annotate and work within one larger display area, collaborating within the same space for greater engagement and cooperation. The entire class can follow along as students show their work, so everyone pays attention, participates, and learns.

    This unparalleled level of collaboration fosters a learning environment where students can work together, learn from one another, and further achieve.

    Better Together

    Mobi View™

    When you use Mobi View™ in the classroom along with Mobi™ Learners you maintain full control of the lesson and lesson content but still allow students to interact with, manipulate, and work through questions and content. They're more attentive as they collaborate while you instruct.

    CPS Pulse™

    Get students to fully engage and participate in lessons. Combine the Mobi Student-Centered Learning Pack™ with CPS Pulse™ student response system to make assessments, grading, and analysis more streamlined. All students answer every question with CPS Pulse™ and collaborate and participate in lessons with Mobi™ Learners.

    ExamView® Learning Series

    Students interact with lesson content in groups or individually. They work with ExamView® state- and Common Core State Standards-aligned content and questions and become more prepared for important exams.

    Tech Specs
    Model Mobi™ Learner
    Platform Support Microsoft Windows® (7, XP or Vista), Mac OSX, and Linux
    RF, USB
    Technology Electromagnetic Pen
    5° to 46° C (40° to 115° F)
    -40° to 70° C (-40° to 158° F)
    Warranty One Year Warranty; extended warranty options are available
    Battery Life Typical classroom usage: 8 hours (Mobi and Mobi Learner)
    Range 15.24 m (50 ft)
    Max. Pads per
    Up to 30 Mobi™s can be connected to a single computer. Up to 9 Mobi™s can give simultaneous input to a single computer.
    Models Active Area Width Height Weight
    Mobi™ Learner (IP 500) 16 cm x 20.3 cm (6.3 in x 8 in) 27.9 cm (11 in) 26.4 cm (10.4 in) 0.73 kg (1.6 lb)
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