Get more. Get Mobile. Get Mobi.

    eInstruction's Mobi mobile interactive whiteboard does more than a fixed interactive whiteboard for a fraction of the cost. Mobi is the first mobile interactive whiteboard designed to support student-centered active learning and give educators the mobility and flexibility to deliver engaging lessons from anywhere in the room. With Mobi there's no need for a traditional interactive whiteboard.

    Annotate from anywhere

    WorkSpace™ software allows educators to write, draw, insert images, highlight, interact with, and annotate over instructional content projected onto any surface. Use WorkSpace and Mobi™ and deliver more engaging lessons from anywhere in the room, while students participate and collaborate. And the new WorkSpace v9.1 for Windows® and v6 for Mac®/Linux® include recognition tools that convert handwritten text, numbers, shapes, and equations into printed content, making them more readable for students.


    Federal Funding Options

    Put technology in your classroom without worrying about budget constraints. eInstruction® technology is eligible for many federal grants to make it easier for you to get the tools you need.

    Download grant templates to make the application process easier.

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    Mobi™ lets you do so much more.

    • Project onto any surface, like a screen or wall, to create an interactive whiteboard experience.
    • Save, print, and email lessons and notes for review, students who were absent, or parents who want to see what their children are learning in class.
    • Draw from a rich gallery of digital images, simulations, and interactive lessons and resources built into Mobi's Workspace™ software.



    Use it the best way it works for you.

    • Use Mobi™ by itself as a stand-alone whiteboard.
    • Use up to 9 simultaneously to interact with and contribute to the same lesson, creating a powerful collaborative learning environment for lessons and activities, even if you do not have a traditional interactive whiteboard.


    Parts and Pieces

    Important pieces to Mobi™ functionality.

    • Includes a rechargeable battery, typically lasting 8 hours with normal use.
    • Uses patented electromagnetic digitizing technology which delivers high resolution imagery, provides superior performance for fine annotations, manipulating of images, resources, and handwriting recognition.
    • Mobi's electromagnetic interactive pen provides full mouse capability (left and right click, drag and drop, etc.). The pen is included with and is rechargeable. It can also be used as an interactive pen with our DualBoard™.


    Multi-User Mode

    Mobi Student-Centered Learning Pack™

    The Mobi Student-Centered Learning Pack plays a primary role in creating a student-centered learning environment. It includes 3 Mobi™ and a docking station, and allows students to collaborate and learn from other students. Only eInstruction can help you create a classroom where students work together like this.

    Students can use up to 9 Mobi at a time for increased participation, and to help drive better understanding and achievement. The Mobi make it possible for multiple students or groups to simultaneously or one at a time provide direct input into a learning activity without having to leave their seats. Mobi are ideal for the entire class.

    Award-winning Workspace™ Software

    Combine Mobi and Workspace software with Mobi Learners to maximize the multi-user capability. Now multiple students or groups can collaborate with each other, interact with material, and contribute to lessons. Each student or group can then display their work to the class one at a time or simultaneously so the entire class can see their work.

    Students can also display their work in "sandbox" mode. This allows multiple students to annotate and work within one larger display area, collaborating within the same space for greater engagement and cooperation. The entire class can follow along as students show their work, so everyone pays attention, participates, and learns.

    This unparalleled level of collaboration fosters a learning environment where students can work together, learn from one another, and further achieve.

    Better Together

    Mobi Student-Centered Learning Pack™

    Add Mobi™ Learners to classrooms along with Mobi™, and you'll have a student-centered learning environment where multiple groups or students can contribute to lessons without leaving their seats.

    CPS Pulse™

    Combine Mobi™ with CPS Pulse™ student response system to make assessments, grading, and analysis more streamlined. Students' answers that are entered into CPS Pulse™ are displayed on the Mobi™ KWIK™ screen instantly so you know exactly where students are succeeding and where they need more instruction.

    ExamView® Learning Series

    Instruct and interact with Mobi™ and seamlessly assess with ExamView® state- and Common Core State Standards-aligned content and questions.

    Tech Specs
    Model Mobi™
    Platform Support Microsoft Windows® (7, XP or Vista), Mac OSX, and Linux
    Hardware RF, USB
    Warranty EC Member Countries Only: 2 Year Warranty
    Non-EC Member Countries: 1 Year Warranty
    Battery Life Typical classroom usage: 8 hours (Mobi™ and Mobi™ Learner)
    Range 50 ft (15.24m)
    Max. Pads per
    Up to 9 Mobi™s can give simultaneous input to a single computer.


    Models Active Area Width Height Weight
    Mobi™ (IP 501) 6.3 in x 8 in (16 cm x 20.3 cm) 11 in (27.9 cm) 10.4 in (26.4 cm) 1.6 lb (0.73 kg)
    Mobi™ Learner (IP 500) 6.3 in x 8 in (16 cm x 20.3 cm) 11 in (27.9 cm) 10.4 in (26.4 cm) 1.6 lb (0.73 kg)



    System Requirements:

    • Windows XP Service Pack 3, Vista Service Pack 2, or Windows 7 
    • Intel Pentium dual-core processor, 2 GHz or higher (or equivalent) 
    • 2 GB RAM 
    • 700 MB hard disk space for installation (600 MB for additional Gallery content) 
    • CD-ROM drive for installation 
    • XVGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution video with minimum 24-bit color 
    • Video card with support for DirectX 9 or greater 
    • Speakers and microphone for playing audio and video files 
    • Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher 
    • Internet connection for online content and tutorials

    • Mac OS X 10.6.8 – 10.8
    • PowerPC G4 1.66 GHz or higher 
    • 32-bit Kernel and Extensions 
    • 2 GB RAM 
    • 500 MB hard disk space for installation 
    • 1024 x 768 or higher resolution video 
    • One available USB Port 
    • Java 1.5 or greater 
    • "libUSB" (USB support) 

    • Intel Pentium IV Processor 1.66 GHz or higher (or equivalent) 
    • 2 GB RAM 
    • 500 MB hard disk space for installation 
    • 1024 x 768 or higher resolution video 
    • One available USB Port 
    • Linux with 2.6 Kernel or greater 
    • "libusb-1.0" (USB support) 
    • "bluez-libs" - libbluetooth1 (Bluetooth support)

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