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    Drive Student Progress

    Research shows that the ability to frequently assess, track, and analyze student comprehension is essential to ensuring students' success. eInstruction's #1 assessment software—the new ExamView Assessment Suite v8—makes it easy to create, administer, and manage both formative and summative assessments to make it easier to assess student performance frequently.

    Align your own questions

    With ExamView Assessment Suite you can customize questions and automatically align them to state standards and Common Core State Standards (in English only). Also, grade tests through eInstruction's student response systems and track progress and generate reports, all in one program.

    Create. Manage. Assess.

    Test Generator—create assessments, quizzes, study guides, and worksheets using multiple question formats, pictures, tables, graphs, charts, and other multimedia elements. Launch CPS™ questions within Assessment Suite and receive real-time results.

    Test Manager—collect results and generate comprehensive reports in minutes. Manage class rosters and automatically collect performance data from the school network to analyze student results and identify areas of concern.

    Test Player—students can take tests and view study guides over the school network.

    Seamless integration with CPS™

    Because ExamView is from eInstruction, only eInstruction's CPS student response systems are designed to be completely and automatically compatible with ExamView. Only eInstruction can offer seamless integration, automatic launching and importing of questions, the sharpest image quality, and absolute flawless tracking capabilities.

    No one else can guarantee full compatibility with ExamView

    In order for anyone else's response systems to become ExamView compatible significant amounts of time must be spent preloading or changing answers, content, and reporting capabilities. eInstruction's automated ExamView compatibility saves educators time during lesson preparation and ensures you won't lose any images, publisher test banks, or data during assessment and grading.

    Federal Funding Options

    Put technology in your classroom without worrying about budget constraints. eInstruction technology is eligible for many federal grants to make it easier for you to get the tools you need.

    Download grant templates to make the application process easier.





    Assessment is more powerful with ExamView Learning Series (in English only).

    • Compatible with ExamView Learning Series question banks as well as more than 10,000 textbooks from over 65 publishers.
    • Test Manager supports plain-paper scanning so you can quickly print bubble sheets on inexpensive copy paper and score tests using widely available inexpensive scanners. (Windows Only)
    • Test Manager also supports the Apperson Advantage and Pearson NCS EZ Data OMR scanners using preprinted forms.

    Do so much more

    Imagine all the things you can do.

    • Now you can use ExamView Assessment Suite in both English and Spanish.
    • Launch CPS student response systems to ask questions and collect responses directly from ExamView Assessment Suite v8.
    • Access more than 15,600 unique, high-quality, grade-appropriate questions for language arts, reading, math, science, and social studies in ExamView Learning Series.
    • Create and customize tests to match state standards- and Common Core State Standards-aligned tests (in English only).
    • Administer assignments and tests in a variety of ways, including plain-paper bubble sheets, over a school network, through learning management systems such as ANGEL, WebCT, Vista, and Blackboard, or via the Internet.
    • ExamView Test Generator allows you to group test questions by their question type or mix the different question types on a test or in a question bank, allowing you to create tests that more closely resemble state tests.
    • Create dynamic questions by automatically substituting values, units of measure, graphs, text, and answer choices. Write one question that will generate hundreds of variations, all of which test the same concept.
    • Assign point values to questions. You can print the points on a test or use them in your online tests to give you more control over assigning credit for incorrect/correct answers.


    Keep up to date and on target.

    • Question banks can be updated via the Internet to keep state standards and content current.
    • ExamView-formatted questions are compatible with publisher-prepared question banks for over 10,000 elementary, middle school and high school textbooks.
    • ExamView tests can be formatted in one or two columns. Use the new two-column formatting feature to conserve paper or create tests in a format that more closely resembles your state test format.
    • Supports online (LAN) tests including open-ended response questions such as essay, short answer, and problem solving. Keying in grades for open-ended questions is easy with Test Manager.
    • Numerous test layout options are included that give you even more control in formatting the appearance of a test. The Style Gallery lets you quickly choose a layout based on predefined formats (e.g., TAKS, FCAT, GED, GMAT, NCLEX, etc.)


    Instant Reports

    Instant student performance reports

    With ExamView® Assessment Suite, teachers instantly receive robust reports on student performance when used with CPS student response systems. It also provides the data needed to teach, assess, and re-teach all within the same lesson.

    View the reports you need

    Analyze many different reports to help you identify strengths and weaknesses anywhere in the education process. These areas can then be addressed during the same lesson. Breakdown data through reports based around individual students and lessons, the entire class and assessment, and even performance on state standards and Common Core State Standards content.

    Better Together

    Mobi View™

    Control questions and assessment from anywhere in the classroom when you implement Mobi View™ and Workspace™ alongside ExamView® Assessment Suite. Even receive instant student performance data via the Mobi View™ touch screen.

    CPS Pulse™

    ExamView® Assessment Suite allows you to frequently assess, track, and analyze student performance, but when you combine that with CPS Pulse™ you get instant reports and can remediate as needed. Only eInstruction's CPS™ student response systems are designed to be completely and automatically compatible with ExamView®.

    ExamView® Learning Series

    Add a library of more than 14,000 independent questions in five core disciplines: language arts, math, reading, science, and social studies. Easily select, manage, and administer assessments with ExamView® Learning Series' state standards- and Common Core State Standards-aligned questions (in English only).


    Find textbooks with ExamView® Assessment Suite

    eInstruction® products have been bundled with over 10,000 textbooks from more than 65 publishers. Search TitleTrack for your textbook.

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    Tech Specs

    Format Support

    Export (Windows and Mac)
    • Bank Editor:
      • Rich Text Format Angel
      • Angel 7.4 WebCT CE 6/Vista 4
      • Blackboard 6.0-7.0
      • Blackboard 7.1-9.1
      • WebCT CE 6/Vista 4
    • Test Editor:
      • Rich Text Format ExamView Test Player on LAN
      • HTML Angel
      • ExamView Question Bank WebCT CE 6/Vista 4
      • Angel 7.4
      • Blackboard 6.0-7.0
      • Blackboard 7.1-9.1
      • WebCT CE 6/Vista 4
    Publish (Windows and Mac)
    • Bank Editor:
      • Rich Text Format Angel
      • Angel 7.4 WebCT CE 6/Vista 4
      • Blackboard 6.0-7.0
      • Blackboard 7.1-9.1
      • WebCT CE 6/Vista 4
    • Test Editor:
      • Rich Text Format ExamView Test Player on LAN
      • HTML Angel
      • ExamView Question Bank WebCT CE 6/Vista 4
      • Angel 7.4
      • Blackboard 6.0-7.0
      • Blackboard 7.1-9.1
      • WebCT CE 6/Vista 4


    Scanners and Forms

    ExamView® makes creating high-quality assessments fast and easy. It supports plain-paper scanning to bring that same speed and ease-of-use to scoring.

    ExamView® has been designed to work with any TWAIN-compliant scanner but different companies implement TWAIN differently and this may affect how well they work with ExamView®. eInstruction has extensively tested the following scanners and confirmed that they work well with ExamView®.

    Manufacturer Model Paper Feed Printer Duplex Speed
    Brother DCP-7020 ADF/Flatbed Laser - - - 03:00
    Brother DCP-8060 ADF/Flatbed Laser - - - 01:35
    Brother MFC-8460 N ADF/Flatbed Laser - - - 01:35
    Canon CanoScan LiDE 30 Flatbed - - - - - - - - -
    Canon DR-2050C ADF - - - - - - 02:15
    Dell AIO 962 ADF/Flatbed Inkjet - - - 04:20
    Dell MFP 1600 N ADF/Flatbed Laser - - - 03:50
    Fujitsu fi-5110C ADF - - - - - - 01:40
    HP ScanJet 5590 ADF/Flatbed - - - - - - 03:20
    Lexmark X7170 ADF/Flatbed Inkjet - - - 04:35
    Lexmark X215 MFP ADF/Flatbed Laser - - - 08:55
    Panasonic KV-S2026C ADF - - - - - - 02:20
    Xerox Documate 510 ADF/Flatbed - - - - - - 02:50
    Xerox WorkCentre PE16 ADF/Flatbed Laser - - - 08:25

    Time (shown in minutes:seconds) for 20 forms to be scanned and processed using the ADF. Scanners without an ADF are not included in the speed comparison.

    Scanners validated on Windows XP and Windows 2000.

    Dedicated OMR Scanning

    ExamView® also works with the following dedicated OMR scanners and pre-printed forms. These forms and devices are used exactly the same way as plain-paper scanning.

    Apperson Datalink 1200 (formerly Apperson Advantage 1200)

    Get more information about the Datalink 1200 and ordering ExamView®-supported forms from the Apperson website.

    • Form 2850: 100 questions/side (A-D, F-J)
    • Form 2851: 100 questions/side (A-E)
    • Form 2854: 50 questions/side (A-E)
    Scantron EZData Scanner

    Get more information about the EZData scanner from the Scantron website. To reorder forms call: 1-800-Scantron.

    • Form 258936: 80 questions/side (A-E)
    • Form 258937: 60 questions/side (A-D, F-J)
    • Form 259402: 100 questions/side (A-D, F-J) *
    • Form 259404: 100 questions/side (A-E) *
    • Form 259405: 50 questions/side (A-D) *

    *Available via custom printing only. Contact Scantron to place an order.

    Video Tutorials

    These tutorials are now located at http://www.turningtechnologies.com/tutorials/examview

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