Discover what’s new with Insight 360 and how this leading classroom instruction system leverages clickers, interactive whiteboards, mobile devices and ExamView content together in one platform to encourage greater interaction between educators and students.  Insight 360 is designed to support the latest technology used in education, such as the iPad®, Android™ tablet or web-enabled devices, and ensure that our products address the needs of today’s classrooms.

Note: Hardware and software options are sold separate. Insight 360 Teacher App for iPad is downloadable for free on the Apple® App Store℠. Insight 360 Student Apps are downloadable for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play™ store.
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“Thanks to Insight 360, I have been given back time to teach. Assessments that used to take hours to complete are done in minutes. And the data is instantly available, allowing me to teach in the moment ― something I have never been able to do in my 11 years of teaching.”
– John Keelin, Teacher at E.G. Ross Elementary School in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Create a complete classroom instruction system

Insight 360 is the first classroom instruction platform that facilitates and simplifies instructional content planning and delivery and real-time assessment. Insight 360 leverages existing content, teaching methodologies, and classroom technology, to provide greater interaction between educators and individual students as well as a more-personalized learning experience.


Track student progress

Launch questions automatically and get instant feedback, so instruction is never stopped for assessment. Receive instant data on the Mobi 360™ mobile interactive whiteboard or with the Insight 360 Teacher app for iPad, for immediate remediation. Track student progress across state standards and Common Core State Standards throughout the year on a desktop computer.

Connect to ExamView®

Insight 360 works with ExamView Assessment Suite and ExamView Learning Series. Educators can use ExamView software with response devices for a more powerful integration of content and assessment, and immediate student performance feedback.  ExamView makes it easier to transition to state standards and Common Core State Standards and to track student progress across those standards.


With 13 reports, educators will gain greater insight into student and class performance and have easy access to session analysis. View the performance of individual students or the entire class on questions, quizzes, and tests — at the moment of instruction. Know what students comprehend and what needs to be retaught.

Reports are grouped by:

Remote Desktop Control

The Insight 360 Teacher app for iPad and Mobi 360 make it possible for educators to manage their desktop — deliver content, open a file, launch an assessment, annotate content, generate a report, and project an image onto any surface — from anywhere in the room. With touch screen technology, educators launch a program, website, or lesson, and review reports quickly and easily.


Favorites right at your fingertip

With Mobi 360 and the Insight 360 Teacher app for iPad educators will use the Favorites feature to launch websites, files, or software applications, all at the touch of a finger. It’s quick, simple, and customizable. To assist in lesson planning, one of the Favorites is set automatically to Samples and Examples, which provides content specific to subject, topic, grade, and content type (instructional, assessment, and resources).


Engage Every Student

Insight 360 gives students multiple ways to participate in class and to engage with lessons.  Students can use an iPad, iPad mini™ or Android tablet with the Insight 360 Student App.  Smartphones, tablets or desktop computers can be linked to Insight 360 Web Access.  Students can also respond to questions with standard clickers.  Whether used alone or in a blended environment, students have the tools needed to respond to questions and to give educators immediate feedback.

Prepare lessons from anywhere with CueTag™ Creator

CueTag Creator makes it easier to prepare lessons from anywhere, quickly launch questions during class, and collect student response data within Insight 360. Use CueTag and help minimize preparation and in-class transition time, and maximize teaching time. Tag content from any computer, even if it doesn’t have Insight 360 software installed. When educators use CueTag Creator, they paste a CueTag on any editable digital material. A CueTag includes question name, question type, correct answer, and information on state standards and Common Core State Standards.
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Insight 360 Clicker Edition

Insight 360 Clicker Edition gives educators mobile desktop control on their iPad with the Insight 360 Teacher app or their Mobi 360. Facilitate lessons and access instant data sent from a variety of student response devices from anywhere in the room. With Insight 360 Clicker Edition, students can use Pulse 360™ and Spark 360™ or NEW ResponseCard NXT clickers to respond to questions during class.


Insight 360 Mobile Edition

Insight 360 Mobile Edition includes all the features Insight 360 Clicker Edition offers educators, plus increased student interaction with the Insight 360 Student App for iPads and Android tablets.  Insight 360 Student App only works with the Insight 360 Mobile Edition and gives students a great opportunity to engage using the iPad or Android tablet.  Now educators can ask a broader range of question types, including constructed response, and get more detailed feedback from students. Also includes Web Access that enables student response on browsers for laptops, computers and other devices.



What’s new with Insight 360

  • Integration with Pearson Schoolnet version 16.1 to perform the following tasks:
    • Import class rosters from a Schoolnet account
    • Import assessments from a Schoolnet account
    • Take self-paced tests in Insight 360 using imported assessments
    • Upload assessment results to a Schoolnet account
  • Improved Standards management, including new features:
    • New MyStandards Tab to select standards for tagging and test creation
    • Standards description pop-ups with text wrapping for CueTags and Answer Key items
    • Ability to select standards from any standards set with easier navigation
  • Answer Key Import/Export as files for transportation from computer to computer
  • Addition of previous Response Grid Report with ability to save as a scheme for export
  • NEW Startup Content includes 1,500 items, 200 pre-built assessments and PDFs
  • New Insight 360 Student App for Android™ device users. Available on Google Play™ store.
  • Added support for Turning Technologies ResponseCard NXT clickers, the most advanced and adaptable student response device available.  Original Pulse 360 and Spark 360 clickers will continue to be supported.
  • Acuity UnWired™ Plugin provides quick and easy download of rosters and assessments, transferring results into Acuity.

Please remember to update Insight 360 Student Apps via Apple® App Store™ and Google Play store and Teacher App via Apple App Store to work with the latest desktop application.



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