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Know when to re-teach.

Ask multiple-choice, true-false, and even numeric questions right in the middle of lessons and receive instant reports on student understanding. Now you can pinpoint where students are struggling and know exactly what needs to be re-taught.

Track progress over time.

Automatically receive longitudinal, standards-based reports to view and analyze the progress of each student and class over a period of time.

Streamlined self-paced tests.

Insight 360™ simplifies self-paced testing for common or individual assessments with Pulse 360 and Spark 360 student response pads that deliver instant results to test questions for data analysis.

Annotate from anywhere.

Mobi 360™ and the Mobi 360™ App for iPad™  allows educators to write, draw, insert images, highlight, interact with, and annotate over instructional content projected onto any surface. Deliver more highly engaging lessons from anywhere in the room and encourage increased student participation.

Control your desktop from the back row.

Control instruction from anywhere in your classroom with Mobi 360 mobile interactive whiteboard or the Mobi 360™ for iPad™ app. Open files, access the Internet, launch assessments, and annotate over lesson content while you interact with students around the room. Plus, with the Mobi 360 for iPad app you see a full, real-time view of your computer screen so you can touch and interact with files and content directly from your iPad.

Instruction right at your fingertips.

With the Mobi 360 touch screen all of your favorite lesson content can be saved for quick access during instruction. Simply set your Favorites and all the material is right there waiting for you; just one touch access.

There’s room for everyone.

During collaborative activities things can get crowded with traditional interactive whiteboards. With Insight 360™ and the Student-Centered Learning Pack multiple students or groups can work at the same time right from their seats.

A whole new level of Instruction.

The Mobi 360 allows you to annotate over any lesson content from anywhere in the room. It offers complete integration with digital content. Plus, it gives you the power to quickly access your favorite content for streamlined delivery during instruction.

Formative assessment intelligence.

Insight 360 turns any instructional content into an instant formative assessment moment regardless of form or format with the revolutionary CueTag™ technology.

Complete and seamless integration.

Insight 360 works with everything you use now, including any content from SMART®, Promethean®, Microsoft Office®, Google Docs®, Apple®’s Keynote, or your other existing content. Insight 360 also works with interactive whiteboards and document cameras.

Align to Standards.

Because Insight 360 and ExamView® are both from eInstruction, you have access to 5 million publisher-created assessment questions already aligned to standards.

Simplify your use of Standards.

If you are beginning to use standards, Insight 360 can help make it a little easier with aligned content and unparalleled reporting on student understanding across standards. And as an Insight 360 customer, you will have the added advantage of 360 Care™, providing you with automatic updates to state standards and Common Core State Standards and new question bank access.

Simplify IT management.

With one-click software and automatic topic-standards updating Insight 360 makes the management of your technology and updating of your  standards and software  simple via 360 Care.

Windows or Mac, it's all the same.

It doesn’t matter if your school uses Windows® or Mac® because Insight 360 works with both. And when you purchase an Insight 360 system you will receive 360 Care added to ensure continuous product compatibility with new computer operating systems. With 360 Care you will receive upgrades to new versions of Insight 360 software created for product compatibility, as soon as they are available and at no cost.

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